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The Author spent 10 years as a member of the Milford Delaware Board Of Education, and is currently seeking the 18th Senatorial seat in the Delaware Legislature.

A farewell letter from Milford’s outgoing superintendent

Superintendents final letter Last night Ms Kanter and I said our final farewells as we attended our last school board meeting together and she presented a very nice letter to the board and audience that I thought should be shared … Continue reading

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Taking Steps in a New Direction

I mentioned in an earlier post that as my term with the Milford Board of Education is ending I am looking to move in another direction with my public service time take a look at that direction below, and I … Continue reading

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New Proposed Start times for Milford School District to be discussed on June 25th

Here are the proposed times for discussion on June 25th. Morris and Middle School remain as originally proposed Banneker, Ross and Mispillion Drop off   7:35 a.m. School day  7:45 – 2:15 Teachers   7:30 – 3:00 PLC Wed  2:30 – 4:00 … Continue reading

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Cape Board approves double bus runs

Board approves double bus runs. “It’s imperative to use double bus runs because the Department of Education requires districts use double bus runs before agreeing to give a district a new bus route, Bassett said.” Third Paragraph for those who … Continue reading

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Proposes start times for Milford School district 2012-2013

Attached is the draft of a proposed new start time plan for Milford School district next year, and already its stirring quite a lot of comments. I would like to put it out there for comments from the parents who … Continue reading

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ACLU questions Capital cyberbullying policy

ACLU questions Capital cyberbullying policy. After you read about the ACLU issues venture to the bottom half of the article as someone has opened Pandora’s box about what it means to be on a school board and free-speech. As a … Continue reading

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Didn’t take long!

I have a question for those who have lost a contest, and particularly those who have been involved with Delaware school boards. How am I suppose to react and feel when I go to an executive board workshop, and the … Continue reading

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Words of Wisdom from Mr Holland

As I was watching one of my favorite movies tonight some words of wisdom came to mind that as I prepare to leave the school board I wanted to share. The movie was Mr. Holland’s Opus and I hope the … Continue reading

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Bad Day all around

Well its been a bad day all around as not only did we have to put to sleep our dog of 11 years who was a part of our family, but now I find that I have only 47 friends … Continue reading

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WGMD radio grading per Delaware Family Policy Council Interesting

Seems this morning the radio station WGMD announced the grading that the conservative group, Delaware Family Policy Council gave to several school board members who answered their survey. Its interesting if you go to : and look at the results since … Continue reading

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