Questions posed to me about why I’m running for County Council

  • Although I did not speak or answer questions at last nights Candidate Night I was asked some questions by the Delmarva Broadcasting group so I am including my answers to those questions here:
    Why are you seeking this office?
    The reason I’m running for County Council is building on my experience on the school board, I want to assist in bringing a new vision to the County Council to help improve the future of our children, seniors, and all county residents. I believe I need to step up to further serve my community. I want to work with willing council members to establish a better relationship between the state and the county in order to bring more resources and jobs to the center and western parts of the county. The 2nd Council District stretches from the town of Georgetown to Greenwood and up to Milford. I will be talking with the officials and people in the towns and the farmers in the middle in order to get the support I need to move this part of the county forward. I want to work with the other council members to again increase farmland preservation, get better broadband service, push to locate a 4-year college in Sussex County, and look at expansion of the existing rail lines in Sussex County.

    What should be done to improve public safety?
    There are two parts to Public Safety that falls within the Counties realm one is emergency services both fire and medical, and the other is police protection. Looking at the first part we can talk about continued support for both the counties Paramedic service, and the local volunteer ambulance and fire departments that are the backbone of the emergency services. To go along with this as we are planning for the future and looking at new communities need to make sure these services are close enough to the communities that a citizen is not waiting precious minutes to get a response and the care they need. Now looking at the other side of the coin, Police protection means working with State and Local Police agencies to ensure we have enough of both throughout the county to Protect and Serve the folks both inside and outside the municipalities in Sussex. A note would be that as I look forward to answering questions on economics, I state a truth I’ve heard said many ways and that is “an educated, working person is less inclined to have issues with the law.”

    What should be done to improve the economy?The economy and jobs in Sussex County continues to be a talking point for many, but I’m still waiting to hear their answer. From my time on the school board I know we are teaching our future generations that STEM and Technology are where we need to be. However, in Sussex we have some obstacles that keep those futures away from us. The infrastructure has to be updated to the 21st century and includes things like, greater Broadband access, and improvements to transportation. Delaware and Sussex County sits in the middle of a major technology hub located just across the state lines from us, and if we could entice them to move to a lower tax based area with the right services to meet their growing needs we could see economic growth. The key however is to make sure this growth is managed correctly and we don’t lose site of the environment.


About Gary M Wolfe

The Author spent 10 years as a member of the Milford Delaware Board Of Education, and is currently seeking the 18th Senatorial seat in the Delaware Legislature.
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