Proposes start times for Milford School district 2012-2013

Attached is the draft of a proposed new start time plan for Milford School district next year, and already its stirring quite a lot of comments. I would like to put it out there for comments from the parents who this will affect as much as the staff. Please only leave constructive comments that I can pass along to the administration. PROPOSED START AND END TIMES 2012-13 – May 23 2012 WORKING DRAFT HAR


About Gary M Wolfe

The Author spent 10 years as a member of the Milford Delaware Board Of Education, and is currently seeking the 18th Senatorial seat in the Delaware Legislature.
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6 Responses to Proposes start times for Milford School district 2012-2013

  1. ancora1mparo says:

    Thanks for asking. Although it may appear to some as though staff pushes back on reform changes, the reasoning may not be about personal convenience but that we are so close to seeing the impact on students. For example, some of the staffs concerns on A/B scheduling wreaked havoc on student performance. Once into the year, there was no turn back in the kid’s year of struggling. Our job as educators is to advocate for best practice for the student learning. We are at the misfortune of telling on the system we work for – which isn’t acceptable in job security. This year, the attendance policy created a loophole for students/parents to put themselves in a situation where they justified not attending school, demanded make-up work during other classes or expected assignments to be forgiven. In the end, twilight came to the rescue. Education is about planning and setting the environment for best conditions for a student to learn. I question if the current attendance policy and an early start for teenagers will do this. I find it necessary as a staff member and a parent to stick up for those parents who may not feel comfortable as advocates in student learning.

  2. redcardsoccer says:

    Well, there is one HUGE issue at the high school and academy. What happens when student athletes are dismissed from school at 2:30 but don’t have anywhere to go until a 4:00 game. Is the high school coach supposed to babysit them until the game? Are they just sent out of school and roam around for 45-60 minutes until they have to be back? Sending a group of high school students out to roam is not a very good idea.

  3. MilfordSchoolmom says:

    It does make more sense to NOT have Wednesday early dismissal for the elementary schools! That was a very poor decision for this school year on many levels. Daily consistency for that age group is paramount to starting their educational career out on the right foot. The early dismissal in the middle of the week eliminated the best learning time available to the kids,and became a nightmare for parents to work around.

  4. Tina Harrington says:

    I absolutely loved the elementary early dismissal on Wednesdays! Because of my profession I work on the weekends so I enjoyed the extra time with my child. I am still confused by the CA & MHS starting earlier than than the elementary schools. We know our teenagers like to sleep in and our little ones are up bright and early. This why early dismissals work for younger grades and late starts are perfect for secondary.Educational, optimum learning studies also support this. This would also facilitate older students who help with younger siblings in the morning. I would think it would help close the time gap for after school activities and sports. Most all school districts around have the elementary students have the earliest starts. Seems like a no- brainer.

    • Cheyenne says:

      it wold be nice to help my little brother in the morning releaving some stress from my mom. But this would put stress on me as a high schooler.

  5. Cheyenne says:

    There is a plan on the table to make school start sooner for high school. That would make more kids have to be outside sooner. In winter it’s still pitch black at 6:20 (when I get on my bus). With this some students will need to be outside at 5:30 Is this really a good idea to have students outside in the pitch black. With the current schedule there are a few but not alot. The new propossed time would make it so even more will be outside in the pitch black. Also wensday will start later then Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. A body adapts to day to day things. So 1 day of waking up later could decrease productivity of the students. The day after students would be severly tired. it is proven that a teens mind isn’t fully awake till 8. So thats almost like a hour of teaching wasted.

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