Post June 20th Board notes

Well last night was for lack of a better word, interesting. Before the public meeting the board met with a mother and her daughter who had petitioned to speak with the board in private to voice their concerns with the new Uniform Policy. Well after listening to her speak very well about her concerns the board took a few minutes to discuss, and get ready for the Public meeting. As I sat and listened to the words the mother spoke I again realized just how emotionally charged the issue had become since the May meeting that set the Board on a rocky path! As I stated in an earlier post, I have my own thoughts on the Uniform Policy, and many have written and asked me to speak up more. I have to say I’ve had as many letters for as I’ve had against the new policy, but the one thing that pops to the surface is that I believe more investigation was called for on such an important decision. Now I am not going to sit here and point fingers at how we got here, but I will continue to work on bringing some kind of closure to this issue.
One part of last nights meeting I was not happy with was that I watched as my fellow board members failed to comment or recognize those folks who filled that room waiting to see if there was room for discussion. I looked around the room waiting because there was nothing I could say that I didn’t say previously, and I was disappointed and not very happy sitting at that table. The problem I have though is that I’m only 1 of 8 on that board and by law to carry out the “business” of the board you have to have 5 out of 8 YEAS votes to pass anything. If I bring this issue up again or look at asking for a review after the first semester of the next school year I will be lucky to pull together 3 votes, including mine. That is why I could use help putting continued pressure on the other board members, and finally helping to see that if the year starts with the new policy the Good Students who followed the previous policy continue to lead by example.
Now one comment I keep hearing from those opposed to this policy is, “the board is responsible to the voters in the community”. I recommend some light reading Title 14 of Delaware code, and I am including a link to this.


About Gary M Wolfe

The Author spent 10 years as a member of the Milford Delaware Board Of Education, and is currently seeking the 18th Senatorial seat in the Delaware Legislature.
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1 Response to Post June 20th Board notes

  1. Meredith Schmidt says:

    The complete dismissal of all that turned out for the meeting WAS the disheartening part. It’s clear that many members of the board care not to hear or respond to differing opinions of parents – thank you for not being one of those members.
    -Meredith Schmidt

    “Children are not things to be molded, but people to be unfolded” – Jesse Lair

    “When we lose the right to be different, we lose the privilege to be free” – Charles Evan Hughes, former U.S. Supreme Court Justice

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