Some Budget concerns for Delaware Schools

1. Transportation funding is proposed to change with 10% of the bussing costs to be given to the school districts without the ability to increase property taxes. The State will establish the contracts and the districts are mandated to follow them. With very little ability to reduce costs to cover the 10%, the $7.1 million that this plan will impose on the districts is the deepest concern.
2. The loss of funding for State Tax Relief will cost the districts $16.96 million if not funded.
3. The Flexibility Block Grant (Student Success Grant) is not in the proposed budget and will cost the districts $5.1 million.
4. The ARRA funding ($16.96 million to local districts) is not available for the new budget.

However, the local districts have been granted $24.4 million under the EdJobs Act. These funds are specifically targeted for school districts. Nearly all of these funds have been saved by the districts to offset some of the cuts in the State funding for this coming fiscal year.
The Delaware Joint Finance Committee currently is in deliberations in order to make decisions about the budget bill that they will be introducing before the end of June. It is critical at this time that your legislators hear from you!! The General Assembly link is Under the Senate and the House of Representatives sections, click into “members”. Then you can click the link to the email any legislator and send your message.


About Gary M Wolfe

The Author spent 10 years as a member of the Milford Delaware Board Of Education, and is currently seeking the 18th Senatorial seat in the Delaware Legislature.
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1 Response to Some Budget concerns for Delaware Schools

  1. Shawn Snyder says:

    Thanks for the heads up about this! I’ll be sure to pass the link onto the association as well as to others. These funding changes could be disasterous for Delaware schools. In a time where everything costs more (food, fuel, electricty), schools are being asked to do more with less. At a certain point, we are going to reach a breaking point. Hopefully, our united voices can help convince lawmakers that nice things cost money.

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