Differences in Public Education in DE

Normally, I don’t write or comment about charter schools as Kent/Sussex counties have very few of them. My comments today are not about the school itself, but more an open letter to parents and legislators in Lower Delaware. While catching up on the news I read an article in the Cape Gazette about a legislative breakfast at the Sussex Academy of Arts and Science in Georgetown. Now I understand the premise of the charter school, and can see why so many parents want their child to attend them. My issue, and nothing against this school, is that charters setup by the state have the ability to pick and chose who they accept! Also, and you can check out this charters application, but why is it the parents of children attending these schools can be required to attend teacher conferences each year when in many public schools we are hard pressed to get a parent in the front door? Now one thing I will get on my soap box about is that if a student does not meet these requirements they are returned to the school from where they came with no questions asked!
When I went to the website for SAAS I read their goals statement and outside the first statement about being a Superior School, I know that the one about being a “safe, respectful school environment” is in many other schools vision statements. The problem we and many other schools outside the charted network run into is that the public schools today can’t send students to someone else when a parent does not act like a parent, or when a student fails to respect themselves or their teachers! To the members of Delaware’s Legislature, and Executive office, if you want to see Superior schools in Delaware lets first give schools the support with improving student/parental involvement, and before you push STEM programs give our graduates employment in the state that requires that type of education!


About Gary M Wolfe

The Author spent 10 years as a member of the Milford Delaware Board Of Education, and is currently seeking the 18th Senatorial seat in the Delaware Legislature.
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4 Responses to Differences in Public Education in DE

  1. Kilroy says:

    re: Charter schools
    The only beef I have with charter schools is the “Specific Interest” Admission clause allowable under Delaware Code Title 14, Chapter 5, 506 Restrictions (B) (3) (C)
    c. Students who have a specific interest in the school’s teaching methods, philosophy, or educational focus;
    In other words, charter school can discriminate based on intelligence. Charter schools were meant to be some kind of means of escape from failing schools. However, it can be an escape from failing students. Wilmington Charter was Delaware first charter school and you can bet the affluent and even racist minded people had a hand in crafting the charter law. Jack Markell during his bit for governor prior to the primary raised concern about the “creaming and skimming of students.”

    Charter school can in fact give students the boot if parent don’t hold up their end of charter application
    Also, 65% of charter schools are not meeting the standards.

    Arne Duncan and the reformist which Jack Markell aligns himself with see charter schools as part of the solutions. But Arne Duncan supports “great charter schools” and wants failing ones closed. But when these schools are ordered closed there is no safety net for the students who are forced back to the so-called failing public schools. Personally I feel in the case of Reach Academy for Girls in Claymont Delaware if DEDOE decides to close it and no find placement for students that is at least Commendable or Superior perhaps these student should get a “voucher” to attend a private schools. I don’t like vouchers but when a public school fails and a charter schools fails why not?

  2. AncoraImparo says:

    As a parent, I hope there is a SAAS building #2 open soon – so they can accept more students!

    • Wolfe Gary says:

      As a parent why should we not have these at our home schools and not have to go “offline” to get them? My question goes out to the legislators who tell the public schools you can’t ask for this type of behavior, but we will let the Charters get away with it! Respect for oneself and others, and parental involvement should not limited to only the Charter schools!

  3. AncoraImparo says:

    Unfortunately, what SHOULD happen and what does happen are incongruent. I have spent enormous energy on making change happen. There are concerns for our district and community economic development. The Governor has abandoned the ethical scholarship for corporatism in order to balance the budget. I can’t wait for Superman. I must educate my kids.

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