RTTT challenge still on going

Well, waiting for more feedback, but now hearing that after this last round of feedback from DDOE that its actual going to be a competition between the states 19 districts to see who gets their RTTT dollars. Seems that the SOWs being worked on so diligently by the districts will be reviewed by DDOE, and if it meets their approval you get your funds. However, if you don’t get the stamp of approval your dollars will go and be split with those who have done a better job! Guess what if no one meets that approval rating who do you think holds those dollars?? right DDOE!
Part of this same game is the idea that each district does a 1 year plan and at the end DDOE decides if you have met the goals. Then allowing you to create a year 2 plan, and if that is approved you get the next years carrot! What happened to the idea that improvements were going to come slowly over the life of the grant but now like NCLB the bar keeps getting raised before we even get close!
I heard a new acronym for RTTT and that is NDLB, or No District Left Behind. So like its cousin, NDLB will mean districts “teach” all year on SOWs, and then they get tested at the end of that year. But guess what their grades are embargoed for months while someone in DDOE reviews the data for flaws. Then the results are posted in the paper painting a colorful picture for the public, and used as a selling point for why we need consolidation in the state! Don’t get me wrong I know districts like my own are working hard to succeed for the students, but I don’t see the playing field as being level! By the way I’m looking into the MOU the boards signed because I don’t recall this new language being in it?


About Gary M Wolfe

The Author spent 10 years as a member of the Milford Delaware Board Of Education, and is currently seeking the 18th Senatorial seat in the Delaware Legislature.
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2 Responses to RTTT challenge still on going

  1. John Young says:

    The MOU is a allegedly non binding document, BUT the language is specific, the districts can ask for out and it can be granted only by mutual consent. So, if the DDOE says no, we are stuck with the affiliated BS.

    I do think though, there is merit in asking for out, PUBLICLY, with a letter to Lowery, Markell, Duncan and copy to ED trade publications. This would be MAJOR egg on the “winning” states face and cause a national round 2 uproar over our “100%” buy-in which we all know now, was more like a gun to our heads……

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