Excuse for consolidation

Well the students of Laurel school district got stuck in the middle of a political agenda and did not even see it coming until the votes were cast. The district has been nursing their old buildings for over 20 years, and have saved their rural community tax dollars. However, now after the state has come in and told the district it would cost more to repair then re-build the students of Laurel got played. The plight of the financial officer who was caught skimming payroll dollars was used by the Governor and his blood hound, Mr. Wagner. Problem is the public does not realize that the real problem was Mr Wagner’s group handles the states portion of the payrolls for all districts, and they missed what was going on for sometime! The issue actually came to light back last year, and was quietly dragged along “due to snow and weather”. Funny how it comes out in the news and TV the same day as the district is looking to its community for funding new schools. For those who don’t know school funding the formula is 75% state to 25% local, and being as Mr Markell is fighting a failing economy in the state not having to fund this referendum takes some weight off him. Heck rumor has it that Mr Wagner thought this incident was a “perfect example of why we need consolidation”.

To the folks in Laurel, your children and their future is not a political game keep that in mind when you go back to the polls in May.


About Gary M Wolfe

The Author spent 10 years as a member of the Milford Delaware Board Of Education, and is currently seeking the 18th Senatorial seat in the Delaware Legislature.
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1 Response to Excuse for consolidation

  1. AncoraImparo says:

    You know my thoughts on these behaviors – I don’t/ can’t mince words. I can not excuse – or spread ownership to dissipate blame. Adults must be held to a standard of their occupation or position – otherwise it becomes a spin/justification zone. When the gig is up – people turn and boo hoo for the kids. Has anyone ever considered the legacy of the next generation of kids who have watched adults scam, sneak and justify to get ahead?
    This is not just a Laurel problem – it is up and down the state. If you are an elected representative, an administrator, and educator -hold yourselves and others accountable to integrity. You will be amazed at what it teaches the next generation.

    Sorry- Gar – you know how lack of ethics is something I have no patience. I don’t know if we are ever going to progress public ed if we spend so much time pointing here and there. Especially living in glass houses…without books.
    You are right – the students in the classroom have nothing to do with all of this. You’d like education… in the classroom. šŸ™‚

    It is amazing to me when adults are unethical or choose to ignore

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