No surprise on turnarounds!
The post on Kilroy’s page pretty well is in line with what I believe it would be back in January when I posted on the MOU we all had to sign. Other then a charter in Dover I don’t see any schools in the lower half of the state getting attention. Not that the attention is a positive thing as the schools mentioned are some of the lowest performing schools in NC county. The issue I take is that we have some of the poorest schools in the state in Sussex county and they are working the best they can with the least amount of money. Not to mention I see the growth in ELL growing fastest in the southern half of the state, and there is no funding to serve this population the way they should be!
Heh, not to sound like a secessionist, but how is it that those of us in Kent & Sussex county are left out when it comes to elections and funding? Boy but do you love our beaches and hope we keeping spending our money in the casinos!


About Gary M Wolfe

The Author spent 10 years as a member of the Milford Delaware Board Of Education, and is currently seeking the 18th Senatorial seat in the Delaware Legislature.
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7 Responses to No surprise on turnarounds!

  1. Geoffrey Greer says:

    I invite you to read my blog, in which I generally criticize the educational system here in California.

  2. John Young says:


    Would love a blogroll too:
    You are on mine!

    John Young

  3. John Young says:

    Oh yeah, agreed, no surprises and it appears that my district has 3 of the 5…..yikes!

  4. kilroysdelaware says:

    “Heh, not to sound like a secessionist, but how is it that those of us in Kent & Sussex county are left out when it comes to elections and funding?”

    You got me laughing with this comment! But sadly to say, each county in Delaware lives in their own bubble. Buy time Markell attemps to address lower Delaware struggling schools Arne Duncan will be out of office and Markell will be scratching his head as to why his loss his bid for U.S. Senate. The turn around schools that end up charters will get a clean slate and 5 years to succeed or continue to fail. The is no reason a charter should fail in it’s first year. Why allow a charter unless it has a proven success plan?

  5. AncoraImparo says:

    You can understand how it’s not too difficult for your students (and many others) to understand Federalist & Anti-Federalist points of view… and then spring to modern day. Funny, when the kids say, “the topics change… but the fundamental beliefs stay the same.” When I laugh… they look at me like, “that wasn’t meant to be funny.”

    I don’t know what what to say – we are losing in the bottom of the 7th and need to put our rally caps on. 😦 I had hoped Markell would have been able to address this differentiation … but sadly, it seems he doesn’t grasp it. It is no surprise that Delaware has North and South – I don’t see how 12 new charters in the North help downstate.
    I talked with Dad this morning about scrapping the community rally caps and looking at the Charter app – funny, apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. He said, ” *%$*&#$ fix what we got! ” 🙂
    I got an idea… I will catch up with you and see what you think – it involves using the parent advisory council.

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