I have been away for awhile but not absent as I’ve been reading all that I can on “Race to the Top” our wonderful governors latest insight. I caught a post from http://transparentchristina.wordpress.com/2010/01/09/newsflash-baton-rouge-state-school-board-association-unanimously-rejects-race-to-the-top-by-a-vote-of-17-0/ which was about a school board from Baton Rouge that felt the cost was too high for the benefit. That is my biggest concern as the boards prepare to meet and sign the MOU that is required by Jan 11th. I have asked other board members who I know from around the state what are their concerns as well, and when I read the section I’ve quoted from the article I know why I am having second thoughts. The quote is, “A key consideration is the requirement that local school boards
must continue to fund programs initiated with R2T grants once the
four-year term of the grant expires. State and federal budgetary
forecasts, board members concluded, likely will not yield new
appropriations and local school board members would be required to ask
for tax increases.” I actually had to go back and re-read the executive summary again to see if this was in there and sure enough it is!
So as local board members meet to review and possibly sign the MOU I still can’t see how Jack Markell can ask the boards to sign when we all know what our lovely state budget is looking like! How do we continue programs when we don’t even know if the state will have funds when the 4 years of RTTT ends?


About Gary M Wolfe

The Author spent 10 years as a member of the Milford Delaware Board Of Education, and is currently seeking the 18th Senatorial seat in the Delaware Legislature.
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  1. John Young says:


    To be clear, the “board” in Baton Rouge is actually the Louisiana State School Board Association. So far, DSBA has been pretty quiet on RttT in Delaware.



  2. kilroysdelaware says:

    I do believe the RTTT funding is a two-year program where the funding can be spread over four years.

    What’s real sad here is there has been no public sessions by DOE, the governor or school districts explaning what RTTT is and how it would look in each school district. It’s like buying a car used but before you can see it you must sign the contract.

    Apprently, DOE and the governor’s representatives met separately with teachers and superintendent but not with board members. As you know private meetings with school board members as a group is a bit of a no no! The big RTTTT with Arne Duncan back in October at the U of D was shameful becuase here we have the United States Secretary of Education coming to town to meet with stakeholders at a event that cost $50.00 per person.

    My biggest concern is what happens when RTTT funding ends ? How much of the cost will be deffered back on the local taxpayers and what impact will it have on students and local education?

    Also. Marekll has side on the the National Core Standards that will take Delaware to a student assesment test that will be a nationalized stardardized test. This will mean once agian Delaware will need to realign it standards and test!

    I think we leaned a lesson from DSTP and arer moving in the tight direction and RTTT is a dangerous fork in the road leading to the unknow.

    As you are seeing and will see, the MOU issue is a warning shot that local school boards are becoming irrelevant and the vehicle needed to twist the local taxpayers hand to increase funding via referendums.

    I went to the Red Clay MOU “Special Workshop” and after the intense debate between the teacher representative, DOE , superintendent and board I was only given three minutes to speak! What is a “Special Workshop?”

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Where in the Exec. Summary can I find the quote about the continuation of programming after four years? I went back and looked for it and I must have missed it.

    Thank You!


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