October 26th Board Meeting

We began the monthly meeting on a high note with the recognition of a special group of students from Benjamin Banneker who were involved with the Special Olympics. Then we recognized staff members for their Leadership commitments to the district. Those staff recognized was Brian Clarke, Scott Husbands, Susan Frampton, Melissa Tuttle, Cynthia McKenzie, and Latosha Weldon. Also recognized for their growth and continuing improvement to Leadership skills were Nancy Carnevale, Mark McDaniel, and Beth Conaway. The last shining star of the evening was Bev Harp who received the Delaware School Nutrition Association Outstanding member of 2008-09. Congratulations to all, and keep up the good work.
Under correspondence reviews, Sylvia Henderson and the staff of Lulu Ross were thanked by the Milford Relay for Life organization for their continued support and a donation of $1000.00.
The Superintendent report started with a review of change orders for the new Central Academy, and the new Upper Elementary. One order that was reviewed and rejected by the board was for additional paving to be done on the parking lot, and the architect recommended this as well. Also discussed as part of the construction updates were a decrease in the number of landscaping trees planned for the parking area due to security concerns. The trees will be relocated to other areas, including outside the new baseball and softball fields. The work for phase 4 on the ~5 acres along route 1 was discussed, and at present, the only work planned is to complete the track throwing area.
The board was given a presentation by Mr. John Laznik from the University of Delaware, who discussed the technology that was available to the district in order to begin planning for the opening of the two new schools. With the right questions, the district can look at population’s densities and growth to determine where future lines and boundaries will be, as well as, new busing routes. Along the same thought lines, the board approved the state waiver for Student-Instructor ratios, as there are some classes in the elementary that exceed the recommended 22 per classroom. These are very few, and the new schools are the answer to these higher numbers.
Last part of the superintendents’ report is the recommendation of the administration to designate 1 Wednesday a month for professional development, and on those days the students would not start until 10am. The staff would report on time and training could be done that would not interfere in teaching hours for students. Those students who had to report because of parental conflicts would be able to go to the cafeteria and use the time for study or homework. The districts instructional hours would not be in conflict, and the plan has the backing of the State DOE. The last business for this section was tabling of the policy 1001 for Communication with the Public until more work can be done on the language.
The personnel reports started with approval of two policies, replace policy 4212, and change policy 4309. Under staff changes the board approved the new principal of the to be completed Central Academy, Mr. Mark McDaniel. Mr. McDaniel has as been with the district 16 years, and most recently was an assistant at the High School. Other staff changes included the hiring of new nursing, and teaching staff, as well as, the retirement of a 26 ½ year staff member, Ms. Betty Evans.
The meeting proceeded with approval of the financial reports, and the conversion of the districts bond notes that were part of the capital projects in the district. The night ended after a presentation by Dr. Herrera on the Special Education indicators.


About Gary M Wolfe

The Author spent 10 years as a member of the Milford Delaware Board Of Education, and is currently seeking the 18th Senatorial seat in the Delaware Legislature.
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