Sep. 14, 2009 Board Meeting update

First full board meeting report of the 2009-2010 school year from Sep 14th meeting. The majority of the meeting was updates on both Central academy construction and bid approvals for the new upper elementary by Lu Lu Ross School. All bids, with exception of those still in discussion, were approved for the new elementary so that work can begin soon. As part of the bids there were new green initiatives with both Geothermal and solar being added to both schools, and helping the district to save Energy over time. Some other change orders approved were for safety and storage concerns at the athletic complex. New skirting for the visitors side, and new handrails on the home stands will prevent injuries during wet conditions. Also will be adding more storage space beside Carey-Simpson building to store track and field equipment.
With regard to athletics, the board also is submitting a waiver request to the DIAA board for athletics at the new Central Academy. At present, there are very few like it and the rules governing athletics still need to be written, and therefore with the help of DIAA we will have a year to work on them. When the school opens 9th grade will still play at the high school, and 8th grade will play at the middle school. Milford may be one of the first, but many are considering similar situations with their Academies. Another approval under athletics was the approval of the 1st Annual “Battle of the Bell” golf tournament the weekend before the big football event. The tournament at Shawnee CC will Benefit both Milford and Lake Forest’s golf programs, and scholarships sponsored by the Country club. For information on this event, contact the Athletic Directors at either Milford or Lake Forest.
The last bit of district business was introduction of a transportation newsletter designed to help improve communication and information sharing between the district and its contractors. News from the DSBA (Delaware School Boards Association) was presented and this included news that HB# 117 on board election dates is still in Finance committee. In addition, the date of Oct 14th was given for board training clinics to be presented in Dover. Lastly, a draft of the state DOE “Education-innovation Strategic Plan for Delaware Public Schools” was shared with the board, and this was a 34-page document. The draft being pushed by the desire to latch on to more stimulus monies is a five goal plan which needs a lot more work. The goals are:
1. Standards and Assessments
2. Longitudinal Data Systems
3. Teacher Quality
4. Low Performing Schools
5. Effective, Efficient Service Delivery

The document is just in draft form, but I will attach a copy for your nighttime reading enjoyment. The Board meeting adjourned to executive session at 8pm.
IAT Strategic Plan Draft 08 18 09 VII


About Gary M Wolfe

The Author spent 10 years as a member of the Milford Delaware Board Of Education, and is currently seeking the 18th Senatorial seat in the Delaware Legislature.
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3 Responses to Sep. 14, 2009 Board Meeting update

  1. Greg Mazzotta says:

    BALDRIGE, BROAD, and Quality Education technical assistance.

    Here’s some info that may be helpful…
    In light of a Red Clay school being awarded “Blue Ribbon” status
    only one in DE this year – and my colleague in quality school in Texas being awarded the Broad Prize – $1M, when might the Milford Schools resume their quality education journey which began in 2000?

    As co-leader of the Quality Education team that was engaged to provide this knowledge as well as having been a Baldrige/Education Resource and Examiner…please let us know how we might help.

    • Wolfe Gary says:

      Actually, Milford has began looking at the Baldrige system again, and starting to educate those who have not been exposed to it. The new superintendent has made that part of the changes she is instituting.

  2. Greg Mazzotta says:

    …and how can we help in your effort?

    We can provide both a historical perspective as well as what’s transpired over the years…resources, tools, and support!

    FYI, the Wall Street Journal featured a front page story highlighting this effort in Maryland, one of the 6 pilot states that participated in the ’99 National Alliance of Business initiative: Baldrige in Education: Raising Student Achievement; Aligning Rhetoric, Resolve, and Results on which your project was aligned to.

    Please advise.

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