First Week and Visits to the schools

Milford opened up on Tuesday Aug. 25th and there were some new visitors to the schools. Myself, the superientendent, Mr. Shelhouse, Mayor Marebello, and a rep from DOE visited all 5 schools the first day of classes. Starting at Morris early childhood where we saw shiny new backpacks, and staff making sure that all those new students got to the right rooms without tears. We then proceeded up the road to Ross elementary and Banneker elementary where we visited several classrooms, and were happy to see the welcoming environment that the staff created at both schools to welcome back the students. By lunch we had made it to the Middle school where we saw a classroom where the staff were experimenting with an exercise ball as a chair to help student focus. We also stopped by the lunch room and visited all three wings. Finally, we finished up at the High school where the staff was wearing shirts that reminded me of sport uniforms with there names on the back. The freshman were the only students in the building that day as it was their orientation day to learn about the school before the upperclassmen returned. A good day and it was the first time that a group like this had ever made the rounds of the schools before.
A busy week outside the classroom as well as we had the monthly board meeting the ran until almost 10pm as we had some long discussions about busing and HS improvement plans. As made it to the newspaper we were confused by the bids for this years trips and sport buses, as the numbers did not reflect any order we could see. The final decision was to look at a meeting set up with bus contractors next year to better clarify the figures, and understand what the fees were for. The HS plans for improving the performance of the 9 & 10 grade testing were well put together by Dr Sutcliffe, and Phyllis Kohel, and they reviewed the measurable goals for the plan. The last order of business was a presentation to Mr. Marvin Shelhouse for his years of service as board President to the Milford District. Thank you Marvin Again.
The other bit of business this week was a meeting with the engineers to review the geothermal and solar projects planned for both new schools in the district. The return on investment for these two systems will be a savings on electric and a lower carbon footprint for the district. The bids for the new elementary are due in later in the week, and will be reviewed by the board at the next meeting. The next big discussion will be how to address the transportation and athletics at the new Central Academy, and the opening meeting is planned for Sept 9th. Also look for the posting of a job opening for the new principal of the Central Academy.


About Gary M Wolfe

The Author spent 10 years as a member of the Milford Delaware Board Of Education, and is currently seeking the 18th Senatorial seat in the Delaware Legislature.
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    We are still out of peanut M & M’s … can you work on that? 🙂

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