March Board update

Last night the board met in a rather lengthy meeting that covered many topics from construction to policy changes. First, Mr. Schelhouse was presented with a certificate of election as he ran unopposed in his district, and starts his 25th or so year on the board. Marvin has seen many changes in the district, and his experience is called on many times during discussions!
The superintendent presented his report which included a comment on how the final state budget is still in the working phase with 8% cuts being thrown around along with other belt tightening steps. A personal observation that has not made the news sources has to due with another underhanded deed by our elected officials. Currently, the teachers and administrators in our schools have binding contracts that provide a salary at a certain amount to those folks, and part is made of of state funds and the other part by local tax dollars. So as the state cuts the salaries of these folks by 8% the contracts still have to be met so guess what more comes out of local tax dollars. Thereby, the local school boards are forced to cut funding elsewhere to make up the difference or raise the local tax percentage, and guess whose fault it is then? The top heavy legislators and folks in Dover come out smelling of roses because they did not raise taxes nor cut school programs, but those “bad” educators are wasting money again! Where is the transparency in this type of underhanded, backdoor, politics we still see coming out of Dover!
Did not mean to go off course on my soapbox, in other news from the board meeting we looked at how the new schools will impact the busing in Milford, and also the new district lines for the 3 elementaries we will have soon. The update on the middle academy showed steel going up and also the Geothermal fields are almost complete with the athletic fields that were impacted expected to be back by next spring. The board was given for approval the proposals for work on LuLu Ross’s roof, and that work should be starting soon, and part of the project should improve the heating/air conditioning at that building as well.
Under board policies discussed last night we had approval of a revision of the course offerings in the High school for next year, as well as, new requirements for students in academic difficullty. The new policy brought forward was a new one that only allows post-secondary schools to contact or recruit in our schools.
The final discussions of the night were about moving forward with the superintendent search, and planning for the final round of interviews in the next several weeks to stay on course for next school year. Lastly, the board met with folks from the Boys and Girsl club to work out the new contract for next years swim season, and that will be brought back later to finalize at a future meeting. A long evening but much going on around the district, and I will post more as it comes around.


About Gary M Wolfe

The Author spent 10 years as a member of the Milford Delaware Board Of Education, and is currently seeking the 18th Senatorial seat in the Delaware Legislature.
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