Jan. 26 Board Updates

Last nights board meeting ran just a little over (6pm to 10pm), but alot on information was shared. First, the application period for the new superintendent search closed on 1/23, and there are ~17 complete applications for the board to review. The applicants were from up and down the Eastern United States, and now the board will begin the real work of screening and setting up for interviews. The next key update was Studio JAED giving an overview of the renovations projects scheduled for LuLu Ross. After ~50 years the roof will be replaced on the main building, and repairs made to the new sections. Also planned is upgrades to the ventilation system throughtout the building, and technology upgrades to the controls of the ventilation system. As to other capital projects they are on time to have steel taking shape in Late Febuary.
Other points of discussion from the agenda were approval of replacement of the 9 year old band uniforms, and approval for the swim team to bid out equipment for their new home. The new 2009-2010 calendar was reviewed and approved for posting with the state, and the communications from thje schools was presented. The personnel report and financial postion reports were reviewed and approved by the board.
The last two points of discussion that brought out the most comments were districts move towards more healthy foods in the district, and the two-year roll over contract discussions with administrators. The Nemours Foundation report on the childhood obesity was presented to the board, and the Wellness Committees ideas to improve healthy eating in the district were presented as a policy update. The discussion centered on the handling of the changes with regard to the publics interfaces at sporting events, and the need to offer healthier choices to the students and parents. The committee will be bringing back the policy at a later date after more work. The two-year rollovers for administrators was approved, but not before several members of the board reiterated the current financial situation, and how these contracts do not exclude the administrators from budget issues if the states budget requires cuts. The current discussions being thrown around the state are posible furloughs which would impact everyone including administrators.
Not to end on a stressful note, the district was recognized by Delaware Today magazine as the 6th highest ranked High School in the State, and highest ranked non-vocational Kent/Sussex school. Good job to all the district staff who take pride in our schools!


About Gary M Wolfe

The Author spent 10 years as a member of the Milford Delaware Board Of Education, and is currently seeking the 18th Senatorial seat in the Delaware Legislature.
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