Growth does not equal tax dollars for schools, Referendum still needed.

letter1.docreferendum2.docpublic-notice.docI have been reading the forum pages that the Independent News group maintains lately and one discussion group has been going on about the Referendum that Milford is hoping to pass in February. The District has been sending information home for parents of students to make sure the facts get disseminated correctly about what is at stack. I have attached to this entry a copy of these notes for those that need more thought materials to consider for our children. One thing I don’t need to remind anyone about though is growth in the area that has caused the population to expand dramatically! This weeks Beacon states that our rubberstamp City Council is more interested in lining the cities coffers then considering the long term consequences of their votes. I even got a good chuckle when council member Brooks was worrying about the children in the new Holly Hill development are standing on the Highway. What he should have been considering was where these children are going to go to school as the Milford District does not receive funding from their decision to build the needed classrooms! Course I have read a recent Sound Off in the State News that one reader stated the growth keeps taxes down, and that if we did not vote for School referendums they would stay low? I really thought the last comment this individual made was really intelligent when they stated new schools are not needed right now and that all we need to do is put more trailers out behind the existing schools! Who or what is going to be used to pay for these trailers that have a limited life span?
Just a few quick notes on the hidden picture that few citizens see or truly understand about you tax dollars. First, growth in the state is controlled by politicians at the State, County, and local level who receive their salaries out of the dollars they raise from granting developments to builders who many don’t have ties to our state! Kent County Levy court and Sussex County council approve the growth, but guess what neither shares the tax dollars with schools! Any State tax dollars go into the General Fund, and are dispersed out to agencies thought-out the state not to schools that have seen expanded growth. It is in the States’ Constitution that for schools to raise money for Capital projects must be done by a referendum vote of the public. What I would like to see is legislators’ and County Councils having to go out to referendum when they wanted to raise their salaries, and legislation being enacted that limits terms for our career politicians and holds them more responsible to the citizens who put them there! So before you blame the schools for taxes remember who is getting rich off the growth, and if the State would finance Education 100% we would not need referendums!


About Gary M Wolfe

The Author spent 10 years as a member of the Milford Delaware Board Of Education, and is currently seeking the 18th Senatorial seat in the Delaware Legislature.
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