New school year, but same old State Government!

Another summer has come and gone, and a new school year means I have new reasons to speak out for the children in our state. The most recent issue to start with is how our own Department of Education has taken lessons from our Legislators who hide what they do behind closed door sessions! It is time to look for updated assessments for the flawed DSTP that would help our children’s educators plan better curriculums! So what does the DOE do they go out for bids, but guess what they failed to ask professional educators who know our children’s needs what the need or want in the way of a replacement! Does this sound familiar like business as usual in Dover?
As if this was not enough for the public schools in Delaware we have another growing issue to go along with the growing populations in almost all districts. Many districts, including my own, are looking at a need to build new schools or to upgrade through Capital expenditures. So what were we recently told by the state Budget Office when we presented are needs assessment. How about all new Capital projects funded through the state will be funded on a 4 year term. This means that it will take districts, and there designated contractors/landowners 4 years to receive their full funding from the State. Now I ask you how many businesses can stay in business if they told there employees, “By the way you’ll get paid when I get paid from the state 4 years from today?”
A perfect lead-in to an idea that many in the state have questioned, and that is why is education not fully funded by the state? Why is school districts forced to go out to referendum every time they turnaround to cover everything from unfunded mandates to making up for forced 7 million dollar give backs to the state? Some might say that a referendum gives the public an opportunity to vote on how there tax dollars are spent, but last time I looked we the public don’t get to vote on all the tax increases on expenditures the State makes every year? The answer that we get to vote for the Legislators that write these taxes is not a fair assumption because if that were true we would not have so many “career” politicians in Dover!


About Gary M Wolfe

The Author spent 10 years as a member of the Milford Delaware Board Of Education, and is currently seeking the 18th Senatorial seat in the Delaware Legislature.
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