Delaware HB 367-Surcharges for school construction

A real quick note on some current business in our State Legislation that needs attention. For those who are interested in the issue of surcharges being granted in Kent County to support school construction check out HB 367 now going to the Senate. The public schools in the County need this funding to provide new school construction due to the increased growth in many districts. The bill mentioned has one problem that I see and that is that it state, “Provide funding for the local share of any school capital construction program”. Which leaves the doors open for both Charter schools and the Vocational schools to grab a piece of this funding that many feel they do not need, or qualify for? To clarify, many charter schools don’t meet the same standards for both teachers and curriculum that public school must adhere to under NCLB. Second, our Vocational schools receive funding both from the State directly, and each district whose students attend the school must send their funds for that student to the Vo-tech! So they get a double dip already making the vocational schools the highest funded schools almost in the state! Do they really need to tap the surcharge as well?? Parent and other district personnel contact your representatives to see they know our feeling on this issue.


About Gary M Wolfe

The Author spent 10 years as a member of the Milford Delaware Board Of Education, and is currently seeking the 18th Senatorial seat in the Delaware Legislature.
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